Why Progressives Should Love The 2nd Amendment

guns equal rightsBy Matt

There was a saying in the old west, “God made man, but Sam Colt made them equal.” This was of course a reference to the equal status of force secured by any person, be they from the east or west, north or south, man or woman, old or young, crippled or physically able, black or white, who carried and knew how to use Sam Colts Single Action Army revolver. Prior to the release of his then revolutionary revolver, Colt is quoted as saying, “The good people in this world are very far from being satisfied with each other, and my arms are the best peacemaker”. Sure, he may have just been trying to sell guns I suppose, but there’s actually more truth in those words than many people may realize. His new handgun became known as the “Peacemaker”, and not without good reason. Point being, like it or not, in many respects, guns and gun rights quite simply have the end result of making the people who wield them…more equal.  Continue reading

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The Rise Of The “Social Democrat” In America

socialism091914-e1443638844701By Matt

There are two lies, two foundational pillars, that the left have convinced the youth especially, and many other people in this country are true, two very nuanced half-truths really, that even many political wonks fail to grasp as lies and half-truths, which have effectively enabled a generation of people to believe first and foremost that free-market capitalism doesn’t work, and secondly that socialism isn’t as bad as many Americans in the past have claimed. The first of those two lies is that the United States, right now, is a free-market capitalist country. The second lie is Western Europe are by in large a bunch of socialist countries, or at the very least are “democratic socialists”, or quasi-socialists.  Continue reading

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Happy 240th Birthday America

TETRRF-00024113-001By Matt

It seems there are less and less reasons to be proud of America these days. That’s not an unpatriotic statement. Its a statement pertaining to the direction of this country. I still love this country, and I’m going to do all I can to secure the blessings I have received for future generations of Americans, despite what I see as the current counter-revolutionary statist trend that seems to have taken hold.

America of late has lost its way. Most Americans agree with me on that, even if they do disagree on the causes and the potential remedies. America is in trouble, no doubt about it. Sadly, a lot of people, especially conservatives, are filled with a sense of futility, and are all but ready to give up and give in. You know what I have to say to such people about that? BREXIT. Permit me to explain.  Continue reading

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Patrick Henry’s Liberty or Death Speech, 241 Years Ago Today

LibertyorDeathfront(5x5)BonCamelBy Matt

The date was March 23rd, 1775, 241 years ago to the day. Patrick Henry, addressed the Second Virginia Convention in Richmond with the intention of persuading that state to raise a militia at long last, after years of petitioning the British crown for relative freedom in the colonies and a more just representation of the citizenry, their calls unheeded, the British now in response finally encircling them and the other American states in order to fully subjugate them, their just requests for such freedoms be damned. The issue had been forced on all the states, whether they wanted it that way or not, whether they wanted peace or not. The time had finally come for the people to accept that reality and come to terms with it, all “illusions of hope” aside, at least according to Patrick Henry. People had to make a choice, be subjugated, or fight for freedom. Continue reading

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Don’t Like The TSA? The SPP Is The Answer

TSA_ecigarettesBy Matt

Less than a week ago it was discovered that Miguel Southwell, the general manager of the most heavily traveled airport in the world, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, signaled it is his intent, unless drastic changes are made in the TSA in Atlanta in the next two months, to become a member of the TSA’s Screening Partnership Program, thereby privatizing airport security in Atlanta. You’re unlikely to hear any great fanfare about this in the media, though in my opinion it should warrant more attention, especially for those of us, and we are by far the majority, who think TSA is a failure and needs to be completely reformed, if not outright abolished. The SPP is the best hope for that abolition, and sadly, no one has any idea what it is. Well, since the busiest airport in the world might well soon become a member of the SPP, what better time is there to tell people about this great initiative that could be the death of TSA?  Continue reading

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The Socialists In America Are Really Mad At Socialism…They Just Don’t Know It

socialism091914-628x356By Matt

We’ve all heard the line by President Obama, the whole of the media, and the Democrat Party, that the last 7 years have been a great success, how Obama’s policies have pulled us from the economic cliff caused by deregulatory conservative policy, that we simply need to add to it, and that we dare not turn back now. The soundest rebuke to that nonsense is this years presidential primary. If it were really true that things were going well in this country, and we just need to stay on the course Barack Obama has set us on, we wouldn’t be seeing the rise and embrace of an open socialist in the Democratic Party, proposing vast changes to the “economic establishment” of both political parties, and conversely (or not so conversely depending on how you look at it), the rise of a populist demagogue the likes of Donald Trump. People are pissed off, on both sides, precisely because things are not going well in this country right now.  Continue reading

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“Democratic” Socialism Is A Fantasy

bernieBy Matt

Contrary to the word-play, democracy and socialism, as defined, are actually polar opposites. The phrase “democratic socialism” is an oxymoron. Its a phrase that is contradictory, like a “loud whisper” or “true lies”. Real socialism and real democracy are ultimately incompatible. The sole intent of that phrase, democratic socialism, is the sale of the socialistic system from within a Democratic system, and nothing more.  Continue reading

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