Mark Levin

Mark talks at the Voter Values Summit 2013 about how to restore our Constitutional Republic via the second and yet to be used means of amending the Constitution laid out in Article V. The mechanism to stop the federal governments overreach, and restore the balance between it and the states already exists. Its there already in the constitution for the states to take back the power promised them. It’s simply up to us to act:

Sheriff Richard Mack

Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, a gun rights advocate, constitutionalist, and founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association talking persuasively about government regulatory agencies and bureaucracies like the IRS, and their proper place in the constitutional framework, as well as the role of the county sheriff via the federal government. It would seem peoples understanding of the federal government today is that they can do absolutely anything they want…and if you don’t think so, you’re surely some radical anti-government militia member advocating for lawlessness and anarchy, in contravention to the constitution and the country as founded. Not really. I would simply prefer the federal government stay within its bounds, which contrary to historical revisionism, are actually limited, as Sheriff Mack explains. Not too radical. Not in my opinion:

Bill Clinton

The Constitution of the United States guarantees the free practice of religion, unimpeded by government intervention. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, signed into law in 1993 by Democratic president Bill Clinton, simply reiterates that fact, and was passed by the United States Senate 97-3, in response to a Supreme Court decision Employment Division v. Smith, that started to reverse the religious liberty guaranteed to us all in the First Amendment of our constitution. This is an act ridiculed today by the Democratic Party because of some of the recent court cases involving Obamacare, and some peoples invocation of this act against it.

In this clip, President Clinton speaks eloquently about protecting our “first freedom”. If you watch the whole 10 minute speech, I think it will become quite apparent just how far this country has come, and not in a good way, in the last 25 years. Could anyone see a prominent Democrat today, running for re-election, say, President Obama, giving such an impassioned speech about God and religious liberty, talking about he “power of God”, proclaiming that the founders knew that “religion helps to give our people a character without which a democracy cannot survive”, that “we are a people of faith”, and that we should “bring our values back to the table of American discourse to heal our troubled land” like was done by Clinton in this clip? If he did, it would certainly be the exception, not the rule.

People at least need to be reminded who signed this act, and the degree to which the country used to agree on this issue, not so long ago:


Milton Friedman 

The following five links are of Milton Friedman debating Phil Donahue back in 1979. Milton soundly refutes every single big government promotion that Phil makes without exception. Each video is roughly 10 minutes.

In the first link he talks government intervention in the auto industry:

In the second he continues for a few minutes on the auto industry and goes on to talk about gas prices and monopolies:

The third IS A MUST SEE, particularly the first 4 minutes. Milton talks in a broad sense about the effects of big, centralized government on the economy, capitalism vs. communism, how human nature affects them all, and more about inflation:

In the fourth video Milton talks further about how the free market tends to naturally break down monopolies, how to prevent inflation, and takes a closer look at wealth distribuition:

In the last video, Mr. Friedman touches on school vouchers, inflation again, and the nanny state:

Margaret Thatcher 

The liberal theme of a widening gap between the rich and the poor is a common one, even 25 years ago in Great Britain. Innocent an argument as it might seem, it is really a thinly veiled socialist argument and is part of the socialists attempt to separate people into nothing more than classes at war with one another; To spur discontent between the “ruling class” and the “exploited class” so as to create perpetual conflict whereby society will eventually evolve to become more equal…and if there is no boogyman, one will be created toward this end. And that is the saddest thing about socialism. As Thatcher explains, even if all people are better off, and that brings with it a widening of classes, the socialist would rather have all people slightly less well of with less disparity. It’s apparently better to be worse off, as long as those better off aren’t really really better off..if that makes sense:



Is it just crazy Republican talk to talk about lowering taxes in order to get more revenues for the government? Is it just crazy Republican talk to claim that the best and only lasting way to reduce deficits is to create a strong economy, and that the best way to create a strong economy is by letting people keep more of their money and save it and invest it the way they desire? Let’s see what JFK, beloved Democrat, had to say about that:


Paul Ryan 

Prior to its passage, Paul Ryan clearly explains why it is that the new healthcare law will not lower costs, and why its designated price tag is completely bogus. Universal coverage is a noble plan, but the progressives sure had to lie a lot to get it passed, and under incorrect auspices. Look at Obama midway through…he could burn a hole through the sun with that look. The American people have always been against this bill, even if many people agree with the concept of socialized medicine. Its a shame it passed the way it did. And a bigger shame that it won’t do most of the stuff that many on the left say will be done:


Ben Swann

I never heard of Ben Swann before I saw this clip, but he’s right on in this video. The 2A is not about duck hunting, or even just about preventing burglaries. Its purpose has much broader implications that are just as pertinent today as they were a few hundred years ago. He also briefly talks about the actual meaning of the 2A in toto. People are trying to twist the meaning of the 2A in their attempt to go around it. Ben does a good job at undoing some of those distortions:

Bill Whittle

William succinctly explains statistically that guns actually don’t cause crime or murder. The idea pushed by many people out there who don’t much like guns, usually in the media of course, is the the more guns, the more dangerous a society. Its just not true however, even if you don’t like guns, even if you think more restrictions should be put on them. Its just not true:

Innocents Betrayed – Documentary

Democide, in case people didn’t know, is an actual term of art employed to describe the death of citizens at the hands of their own government, as we’ve seen done in the 20th century in Russia, China, Germany, you name it. Just about every single country in the world has experienced it on various levels and at various times, America included.

Thinking we are immune…we are better…it could never happen to us…as if the same blood doesn’t coarse through our veins that has in peoples in countries all over the world, and it could never happen here….that sort of thinking is not only awfully shortsighted and wishful, but even ignorant thinking frankly.

Rather than than thinking that blind trust in government is a virtue, more people should try cracking a history book. I think people should have the ability to protect themselves collectively. This is the foremost reason for the 2A. Its not for duck hunting. Its about freedom and individualism and civil rights:


Ronald Reagan

Masterfully produced. A short 3+ minute clip of some of Reagan’s A Time For Choosing speech. Reagan was a great orator. I suppose he wasn’t called the Great Communicator for nothing:

Ronald Reagan

Another 3+ minute clip of Reagan talking about freedom, akin to the clip above:

Ronald Reagan

A tribute to Reagan:


Martina Mcbride 

Martina Mcbride sings God Bless America. If it doesn’t give  you goosebumps, you may want to visit a local dermatologist:

Ray Charles 

Ray Charles performs America the Beautiful:

Lee Greenwood 

Lee Greenword’s God Bless The USA:

Whitney Houston

Star Spangled Banner – Super Bowl 1991:


John Denver

The Lord’s Prayer

Evan Sayet 

This is a must see video of Evan Sayet speaking at the Heritage Foundation some years back. If you don’t watch any other videos on this blog, watch this one. Evan is a former liberal who at one time even worked for Bill Maher. I think its an eye-opening video. It’s lengthy, but well worth the watch. It is in my opinion a perfect synopsis of WHY and HOW liberals think the way they do. And ya, its pretty politically incorrect. If you are a liberal, you probably are not going to like it. Sorry:

Andrew Breitbart

Another former liberal accounts for how and why he converted from liberalism to conservatism. Andrew recounts his upbringing, his involvement in launching the Huffington Post with Arianna Huffington, talks political philosophy, education, and especially the current state of our media in the United States, how it is corrupt, what needs to change, and how to change it. Andrew isn’t the boogeyman the media has portrayed him to be. If you watch this entire clip, I think you will agree with that, as well as with many of the points he makes about our current state of affairs:


Cultural Marxism

A pretty quick overview of what has happened to this country, namely, Cultural Marxism. Not the best production or audio personality behind this video, and it sounds awfully conspiratorial in part because of that, because of the intonation of the guy giving the presentation. But substantively, its pretty spot on:



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