Why Progressives Should Love The 2nd Amendment

guns equal rightsBy Matt

There was a saying in the old west, “God made man, but Sam Colt made them equal.” This was of course a reference to the equal status of force secured by any person, be they from the east or west, north or south, man or woman, old or young, crippled or physically able, black or white, who carried and knew how to use Sam Colts Single Action Army revolver. Prior to the release of his then revolutionary revolver, Colt is quoted as saying, “The good people in this world are very far from being satisfied with each other, and my arms are the best peacemaker”. Sure, he may have just been trying to sell guns I suppose, but there’s actually more truth in those words than many people may realize. His new handgun became known as the “Peacemaker”, and not without good reason. Point being, like it or not, in many respects, guns and gun rights quite simply have the end result of making the people who wield them…more equal. 

This isn’t some right-wing or NRA theory. Its a quite easily understandable reality. Gun rights are what make the 105 pound 20 year old woman equal to or greater in strength, if properly trained, to a potential 300 pound rapist, who isn’t armed, or, who is armed, but not as good a shot as she is. We live in an imperfect world, but a well-aimed bullet doesn’t discriminate. Gun rights are what enables the 80 year old grandfather to fend off the couple of 17 year old thugs who mean to rob him, and maybe even for demented fun, kill him. Happens all the time.

Rich or poor, old or young, man or woman, guns empower individuals and protect their life and their liberty, irrespective of who they are or what part of town they come from. The sad fact is that evil exists in this world. Plenty of evil. And hoping or wishing it away doesn’t actually make it go away. Taking people’s guns away doesn’t make evil go away. It just emboldens the criminals among us, and gives people less choices and less freedom.

The saddest reality, and the unstated reality of those people who want to ban all firearms, and they of course wouldn’t state it this way, is they would rather you and I become a statistic, for the greater good, than have a firearm. They don’t much respect individualism. They see equality by means of the collective, and averages. They don’t see equality in terms of individual rights, and its what causes them to think the way they do about government and about guns. Again, such people callously only see people as statistics.

As such, in their eyes, it actually is for the greater good that the 20 year old 105 pound woman be raped, and or killed, and not have a means to defend herself, because by their thinking, that lessening of firearm access saved other lives…it lessened the overall murder rate, which makes her death more acceptable. Tragic and unwanted, but, for the greater good according to them. I for one have a different vision than that.

Gun rights are equal rights because equal rights are about individual rights. Banning firearms takes away peoples ability to defend themselves. It takes away peoples ability to make themselves equal to the people who may want to do them harm, allows them to dissuade such people if possible, and finally defend themselves if necessary. Such is not only freedom, it’s an exercise in, and a real step towards actual equality, rather than some cold statistical illusion of it. The founders of this country knew this to be true and believed in individual freedom. Thus our 2nd Amendment.

You and I shouldn’t be statistics for the greater good. We could at any moment become one, despite our best efforts, but we should at least have the right to be able to try and not be one. Having that right, that’s real justice, and that’s real equality under the law. I don’t care if some government tells me otherwise…I do have the right to defend myself and defend my family, as does the 85 year old grandfather, as does the 105 pound 20 year old woman, as does everyone. The concept of mutually assured destruction so talked about on the nuclear front during the cold war, and even today, actually has some application on a micro-level as well. That’s because an armed society is a polite society, which makes it a more equal society.

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4 Responses to Why Progressives Should Love The 2nd Amendment

  1. Damn well stated! Thank you for making this point.

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  3. Good points! I’ve often asked how much is one defenseless, butchered rape victim worth? Give us a number in terms of suicides and homicides prevented.


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