It’s Cultural Marxism Stupid!

fiftyshadesofredBy Matt

It has taken me a lifetime of study and observation to understand the left, and I really I do understand them…better than they understand themselves. I’ve had my “ah ha” moment, my epiphany as to why and how we are where we are today, and I wish to share it with the many people out there who love and cherish the traditions of this country, and want to preserve them for themselves and their posterity. What happened to our country? What is the source of our decline, where socially, freedom of religion is mocked, where one’s sex is now said to be nothing more than their state of mind, and where fiscally and structurally the federal government at a breakneck pace is swallowing up our sovereignty and our every freedom? Did this all happen by accident? Was it done on purpose? It was actually quite purposeful. The culprit for our cultural decline is an ideology most aptly described as Cultural Marxism. This phrase is not an invention of the right. Its a term of art, and an accurate label, be it politically incorrect, for what has been going on in this country for decades. Never heard of it?

The term Cultural Marxism has not been defined or detailed in the mainstream, which is much of the reason it has been such a success. The left call it a made-up boogeyman by the far right. I wish it was. Cultural Marxism is part and partial to Marxist theory, as the name suggests. If you know Karl Marx, the author of the Communist Manifesto and the inspiration for such successful forms of government as the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea, then you have taken the first step in broadly understanding the left and how and why they operate the way they do. I know, how dare I. Cultural Marxism can only really be understood after these things are understood. It is the means by which the left are implementing the same failed Marxist policies here in America that have failed all over the world, be it more slowly than in those other countries, and in a slightly different way.

I know, I know, “How dare you! Calling the left Marxists! You’re just a hater!” After all, “Marxist” is still a dirty name, mostly. I’m just name-calling I guess. Well, fact is, there actually are Marxists in this world, many of them, and many who sympathize with them. And there are Capitalists in this world, many of them, and every shade of grey in between. We aren’t apparently supposed to admit this for some weird reason. We’re supposed to pretend there are Capitalists, but apparently not recognize there is an ideology opposite to it called Marxism, which opposes it. If you do admit this reality, you’re just paranoid, and a right wing fanatic. The fact is, the left don’t want to be called Marxists…even if they advocate an ideology coincidentally completely in line with Marxist ideology. The other fact is, the right have been appeasing the left in this regard for much longer than they should have, and its partially why we are where we are now, namely, because the right have played their game, the left’s game, by their rules. The right have been successfully silenced for far too long, shamed for far too long.

To perhaps crudely summarize Marxism first of all, because many people may think they know what Marxism is, but in fact may not, or I should say know only half the story, its in part a belief that history is nothing more than a series of class struggles which have caused society to evolve every time a new struggle is fought between the “have’s” and the “have-not’s”. Capitalism is an intermediary phase in this evolutionary class struggle. Capitalism is evil and selfish, and is simply a phase before socialism inevitably takes hold, where power is taken forcefully from the evil “have’s” by the common people and given to the state, which in turn is a phase that takes place before communism takes hold, which according to Marx is the most perfect, unselfish, blissful Utopian society imaginable, where of course everyone holds everything in common and finally get along with each other…of course.

Sounds great right? Who could possibly be against everyone holding everything in common, in a big happy commune, all getting along? What a bunch of evil grouches, huh?Well, it turns out, that’s really only half of Marxist theory, never mind the little inconvenient fact that once totalitarian socialism takes hold, go figure, but the all-powerful dictatorial state never seems to melt away into a joyous commune the way Marx taught would happen. The other half of Marxism is the cultural aspect and its how we actually get to the point where society overthrows the “have’s” and we get to a point where the government controls everything and everyone with an iron fist…how we get to a point that people actually want to have that mode of government.

Specifically regarding Marxist cultural beliefs, Marx writes, “Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience.” Later, in the closing of the Communist Manifesto, Marx similarly writes, “In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things.” I’ve often said when talking about the left, and Marx’s thoughts here bare this out, that with the left, up is down, and down is up. This is what Cultural Marxism is in a nutshell, be it sort of simplistic. Up is down, down is up to a Marxist when looking at history and traditional norms. What is a traditional norm? Figure that out…then do the opposite. That in the mind of a Marxism is how you equalize society and make it more fair and just for everyone. This is what we have been seeing going on for decades in this country. It’s been one big morally-relativistic opposite day!

If something is traditional, the left instinctively advocate for doing the direct opposite. Its not an accident when they do this, and its not out of spite. Well, not all out of spite. Again, its a concerted effort in the mind of the left to try and bring “social justice”, or rather an equalization of society…by abolishing historical truths, which is absolutely a prerequisite if people are ever to embrace Marxism. People first have to let go of the past if they are every to embrace something radically different, such as socialism, or Marxism. If people are ever to fully embrace Marxism, they have to let go of the past, and ideally outright hate it in fact, and label it as horrible unjust bigoted and intolerant. Sound familiar? Marxism can’t take root if people cling to their guns, God, and religion. People need rather to cling to nothing, and then the state. The state must take the place of all these things.

If tradition for example says marriage is between a man and a woman, it’s not. If tradition says men are men and women are women, they no longer are. Sex is now a construct of the mind in fact. How bigoted and horrible to think anything other! And why have male and female bathrooms? Oops, I jumped the gun on that one. We are still supposed to have them…it’s just that they aren’t actually for biological men and women any longer. This of course begs the question after all, if bathrooms are no longer technically for biological men and women, why have male and female bathrooms at all anymore? This is a pretty fair question I think, but again, w’re not supposed to go there yet. Cultural Marxism works in slow phases. Not too quickly now. So one small step at a time here though people. I let the cat out of the bag on the next “progressive” step by the left on that one. I digress.

If you believe in anything traditional, you’re a hater, you’re a bigot. Believing in any social norm, any moral norm, any religious belief, in fact, any past historical experience as Marx puts it, this is all the ultimate act of bigotry, that is, using historical experience, and using it to attempt to be right, and central to the ideology of Cultural Marxism, which advances the notion that everything this country has ever been is wrong and hateful and bigoted and must be done away with. Cultural Marxism seeks to not only tear down society s built, and for people to tear each other down, in order to start anew. Marxsim must first tear down, and in fact, sees conflict a necessary step towards societal evolution. It doesn’t seek peace. It doesn’t seek unity. It doesn’t seek true tolerance. Its not truly liberal. Its wholly totalitarian.

If you want to enter the mind of a Cultural Marxist, all you have to do is read the lyrics to the famous John Lennon song “Imagine”. I’m sorry to pick on such a catchy, seemingly inspiring song, but seriously, look up the lyrics. No religion (which increasingly society is just fine with), a society where no one believes in anything at all so that everything is only about “today”, no countries (effectively meaning no individual identity if you take that notion to its logical end, which ultimately of course is illiberal, and not truly liberal at all…but its supposed to sound liberal and tolerant and open-minded). Lennon also talks about possessions being bad and the cause of things such as greed and hunger. Sounds accurate, right? Isn’t sharing better than owning? Most of it sounds sorta great actually…sort of inspiring and magical and Utopian. Its the lyrics of a dreamer, which is a good thing, right? The problem is, all you need to do to let it all in is let go…let go of all traditions about what constitutes morality, all norms, all logic in fact, and pretend, pretend, pretend, everyone is great, that people are great, and that accordingly everything will just work out.

This just isn’t the case. This is where Marxism fails, in part. No, people are not great. They never will be. And it is a system that allows for the absolute concentration of power to enable mans imperfection to be optimized most fully. But what if, right? What if. I’ve often said, and I alluded to this notion above, that Marxism is a theory. It’s not a economic and political system. It’s a theory. It’s a theory because up to this point in history it has never actually ever worked out anyone, not once. Again, Marxism theory teaches that after the stage of socialism, where the state controls everything, the state will then divvy everything out to the people, the state will melt away, and we will live in a stateless society where everyone holds everything in common. It’s a theory. It’s never happened. What does happen is the state takes totalitarian control, and Utopia never follows. This is because Marxism fundamentally misunderstands the nature of man.

Cultural Marxism is all around us, and we live it on a day by day second by second basis. Its an ideology that hopes to destroy love of country and love of God, and to make anyone who believes in these things haters and bigots. It hopes to abolish all “eternal truths” so that something else can take their place, apparently. It seeks to tear down and to divide people against each other, at which point, once everything is torn down, the pieces can be picked up and re-ordered…but not until then. And then the state can be our God, at long last. At that point, what will people cling to, beside the state? Long live the all-powerful state! We’re on our way toward this, and have been for some time. And no, it wasn’t an accident. It’s a very discernible methodology taught by Karl Marx.

I suggest by the way that everyone read the Communist Manifesto at least once, slowly and carefully. Its not long. Its just a pamphlet really. Know it, and you will know the left much better. What is happening today really will all come together much better if you do.

If you’d like to see some great videos pertaining to Cultural Marxism, go to the “Video’s” section of this website and scroll all the way down to the last three: “Evan Sayet”, “Andrew Breitbart”, and “Cultural Marxism”. The last video is a simplistic overview of Cultural Marxism, but accurate. Sayet has magnificent insights into the left, being a former liberal himself, namely, how up is down and down is up with the left, and how liberals think in this regard. Breitbart talks specifically about how Cultural Marxist ideology was was largely introduced in this country at the 20:00 minute mark of that video. Great videos all.

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  1. Dave says:

    Awesome discription, Matt!

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