Obama The Dictator? VIDEO Shows Us That We Should Have Seen It Coming

obama dictatorBy Matt

I found an interesting video online today where Obama, on a number of different occasions, referenced the possibility of bypassing congress. I didn’t think the substance of what Obama was saying was all that interesting, new, or novel. Not at all. Not for Obama anyway. We’ve all seen the videos by now of Obama saying he can’t bypass congress after all. What I did find interesting howerver was not only the constant applause Obama got when talking about bypassing congress, but more specifically, Obama’s body language when he referenced the possibility. I thought it was very very telling, particularly at the end of the video. That video is posted a few paragraphs down.

Most of us know that we have a constitutional republic that is based on the rule of law, namely the notion that if you disagree with a law or procedure, the democratic thing to do is to change such laws, not ignore them. The other route of course is in fact simply to ignore the rule of law, and dictate. Clearly, our current President has finally wholly given in to his urge to dictate, rather than restrain himself and act democratically. Now its time to witness the resolve of the American people, or lack thereof. Again, look at the body language here, especially at the end. Pretty disturbing if you ask me, especially in retrospect:

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