Obama’s Executive Order Hypocrisy

constitution-fireBy Matt

Bookmark the following videos and pass them around. Obama is truly breaking new ground here. He really is. This isn’t Obamacare, where conservatives say its unconstitutional and liberals say it is constitutional, and the two sides disagree. OBAMA said the executive action he is about to take on immigration is unconstitutional, just a few years ago. He didn’t say this TYPE of thing was unconstitutional….he said THIS was unconstitutional…and he’s about to do it anyway. Now, I ask, what does that say about him as a person:

And here’s a video of Obama during his 2008 campaign explaining how what this country needs is less executive actions, and more laws passed via congress, rather than bypassing congress:

The American people can’t let this sort of lawless precedent stand, be it a Democrat or a Republican, for the long term good of America and for the sake of our form of government. I’m not suggesting a particular course of action here beside simply doing my part to make sure that people know what’s going on, which really is the bulk of any political battle. There is a blackout in the MSM of this clear 180 degree turn by Obama.

Do whatever you can to pass these video’s around so that every liberal, every moderate, and every conservative knows EXACTLY what is going on here, so that maybe, maybe in the future this sort of thing doesn’t happen again. This sort of executive overreach may very well stand for a time, but we need to make sure it is reversed, and not repeated. Making sure the American people actually know what Obams said in the past is the first step toward accomplishing that very important goal. It will help prevent him or another President from making this unlawful action a precedent now or in the future. The American people need to know what’s going on here because Obama IS going to act on this.


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