Socialist Kshama Sawant Elected To Seattle City Council

Kshama SawantBy Matt

It doesn’t scare me that an open socialist was elected to the Seattle City Council. Far scarier things happen all the time. After all, this is a democracy, and people can vote into office whomever they want, even if they are voting for an ideology that would eventually strip them of their individual rights. It is however very telling of the times we live in, and it doesn’t bode well for the future of our free market system, unless there is some sort of awakening, and quick. 

I believe more and more people are becoming very…very…indifferent to socialism. The reason for that is very simple in my opinion. I think the reason is because more and more people really don’t even understand what it is! We’ve all heard the “liberal” voices pipe about how we HAVE socialism and practice it all the time and WE don’t even know it. Similarly, they talk about western Europe, and how great they are doing over there…with their socialism.

The truth however, I wish I could add the caveat “of course”, but I don’t think I can, is NEITHER we, nor the Europeans, are socialist. Medicare isn’t socialist, contrary to what the left says. The military isn’t socialist, contrary to what the left always says. No, Social Security is not socialist. The left in this country for a long time have been trying to convince people that all these social safety nets are socialism and we just didn’t know it! Because of that, socialism shouldn’t be such a nasty word, according to them. They claim WE are ignorant to what socialism is, and that we endorse it without knowing it.

What the left fails to mention with all these programs, in trying to convince us of the virtue of socialism, is that all these social safety nets are PAID FOR by a free market capitalist system. These entitlements are paid for BY private industry. The government doesn’t own oil companies or food distributors or car companies. Sure, they have a lot of influence and regulation put in place over them, but they are PRIVATE. They are mostly private is western Europe as well! Because of that, in no way is our system socialist, because it is our capitalist system that is the enabler of those “socialistic” programs mentioned.

The whole REASON purely socialist countries all eventually fail is they don’t efficiently and freely serve the needs of their citizens, which is what a private system does. Social Security, medicare, medicaid, despite the fact that the left constantly tries to make these programs into a backdoor method of socialism by trying to constantly expand their size and their reach, these programs are paid for from PRIVATE monies, and that is WHY these programs have worked in the past, precisely because we aren’t socialist. They may be run inefficiently, and in many cases they may be wasteful, but they are backed up by the private sector….something that is just not the case with socialism, and again, is the whole reason why socialism fails! I guess the left must have forgotten to mention that tiny detail in their trying to convince us all that we are socialists and don’t know it.

I hate to put out the elementary definition, because most economic systems are more nuanced than the book definition, but socialism is where the STATE own all the means of production. They own it all, car companies, oil companies, clothing companies, shoe companies, housing, land, EVERYTHING, and they doll it out as they see fit. This doesn’t really fit the definition at all of what our system is or does, or for that matter what the European countries are that they constantly prop up.

You see, what the left is trying to do, is to equate good will with socialism. All these things that are done collectively for the good of the people, such as SS, medicare, the military….they want us to believe that by virtue of their collectivity and their noble aims, that they are socialist. It’s just not true at all. That’s not what makes a thing socialist. They have been redefining that word for some time now, and it is finally starting to bear fruit for them. More and more people think that social programs that are meant to help people are…socialism. Because that’s what they think socialism is, socialism must not be that bad!

It is interesting isn’t it, these western European countries, THEY call themselves “socialist democracies”, not socialists. I like to think that’s because even they know they aren’t socialists, as liberals try and describe them. This is because, in its effect, socialism is nothing other than totalitarianism…something democracies try at least to be antithetical to. Again, socialism is a system where the state owns everything and dolls it out as it sees fit, whichever way is best for the whole, the individual be damned. Perhaps that’s why the caveat “democracy” is added to their name. In reality, they are quasi-socialists at best, with one leg dipped in the water and one leg out.

I don’t think America is largely socialistic, or western Europe, though they are certainly further along than us. Rather, I think much of America has been purposely dumbed down by people who are trying to usher in true socialism and state control by any means possible, in our current state, those means happen to be an ignorance of what socialism is. People today are taught NOT to call socialism….socialism, because of the stigma that has historically been attached to that word. So what do people do who are in favor or socialism? They advocate for it, and deny that it is socialism. They misdefine what is is. Though it would seem though that in certain areas of he country, that tactic may no longer be needed.

What IS scary is people thinking Social Security and Medicare are socialism. In a vacuum, since they are owned and operated by the state, it might be easy to see WHY many people think these programs are socialistic, but such a belief again conveniently leaves out their capitalist method of funding, which is the apparatus that enables them to exist in the first place! But again, lets leave out that tiny little detail, shall we…

We can’t have both a free society and an ignorant one. We can’t. People need to start learning what socialism really is, one way or another, before its too late. Socialism is North Korea. Socialism is Cuba. Socialism is total state control….total. That is true socialism, though politically incorrect to point out. The problem we have, is those politicians who call themselves socialists…I think they probably really are socialists. And the people VOTING for those socialists, many of them, I really don’t think they are socialists. This is the crux of the problem. And we as conservatives need to address it head on, again, before its too late.

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