Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Obamacare Contraception Mandate


(link to the article below)


By Matt

…not sure how this issue doesn’t find its way to the Supreme Court eventually.

This is welcome news for people who still value freedom of religion in this country. Obama has overstepped his constitutional bounds on this one, and many of us were saying it from the very start. You shouldn’t have to like what every religion preaches and practices to be able to agree that they have the right to practice their religion, freely. No one is pushing anything on anyone here, except of course those people who were demanding a product from people whose religion is against that product…with privately owned businesses…where people work voluntarily. Contraception is still legal, cheap, and easily accessible. And it is not being prohibited by these companies at all! Just don’t demand it from them is all!

Just a few years ago, it was not mandated that businesses offer health insurance at all. Businesses offered these plan to help retain employees, as a benefit. Now, in one fell swoop with Obamacare, not only are businesses required to offer insurance, but they are told what insurance they have to offer, AND they are told they have to offer products that go against some of their religions? Let’s be honest, this ruling shouldn’t really be that unexpected. But it won’t stop the spite of those people who hate what these religions teach and can’t stand that if not for them, they could have gotten a benefit that would have saved them $13  a month…freedom of religion be damned.

Overturning this mandate is not the slippery slope “liberals” claim it is. We are not talking about blood transfusions and we aren’t talking about cancer treatments. This country has a proud tradition, because it used to embrace religion, of granting such exemptions to laws like this, where religion is concerned, where they were appropriate. That word “appropriate” is a relative concept, but seriously, contraceptives not being included in your insurance plan for the few people who work for people who might disagree with those contraceptives?

This leaves out of course that before Obamacare there were plenty of plans ALREADY out there that didn’t cover every form of contraception ANYWAY. All such companies did in the past who might have had some religious conflicts was to choose those plans, and, it wasn’t much of an issue! This is really just another manufactured crisis that didn’t even exist before Obamacare became law when you get down to it. But now the envelope is being pushed by people who want to grow the state, to diminish religion and its impact, and who want to establish as much uniformity among people as possible. I tend to think life will probably go on for civilization, but not these people, for the reasons just given.

Unfortunately, more and more people in this country are more than willing to trample on religious liberty, all while pretending they aren’t doing anything of the sort, and all while pretending that it is the religion that is the transgressor, if of course they happen to find such beliefs disagreeable. These people are not tolerant. These people are not liberal. These people are trying to purge this country of any belief they disagree with, especially if it is a religious body that is the one preventing “progress”.

Well, enough people in this country still know what freedom of religion really means….and it doesn’t include demanding that religious individuals provide a trivial, easily accessible and inexpensive product that goes against their religion, even if you happen to believe such beliefs are silly. This is a victory, but hopefully not a temporary one.

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2 Responses to Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Obamacare Contraception Mandate

  1. LD Jackson says:

    I was unaware of this ruling, but I’m glad to see the direction it seems to be heading.

    I was just reading through the report you linked to and it seems to me the standard procedure is to rule against the corporations having a First Amendment right to conduct their business according to their religious doctrine. I hope that does not spell bad news for people like David Green of Hobby Lobby.

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