“We will keep this promise, to the American people, if you like you doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period…..if you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan, period.”

obama viddddBy Matt

Is it just me, or does the extreme CLARITY with which this statement was made, and broken, infuriate anyone else? I mean, “We will keep this promise” is pretty clear, isn’t it? This wasn’t some minor point; a technicality. It was clearly written into the law that there would be a bunch of new requirements for private insurance companies that WOULD make existing policies illegal to possess, due to their apparent inadequacies. This wasn’t an unintended, unforeseen or unknowable consequence of this new law. Such a statement, as the one above, therefore was either said out of extreme ignorance of the law, or it was an outright lie, and I don’t think President Obama is ignorant, despite my political disagreements with him. In either case, it is a travesty that people are being thrown off existing plans, and forced onto more expensive ones that carry policies they may not want or need.

And NOW you and I are being told by the Democratic party, and I have seen more than a few Democratic pundits on TV say this, that it is YOUR fault. They are saying that your policy was inferior and these new ones are better and better for you in the long-run, whether you want them or not, whether you know it or not. Try telling that to the 65 year old woman who is now forced to carry a more expensive policy that includes coverage for maternity care. She is actually being told she is WRONG for not wanting that policy? Yes, she is. And she’s being told its for her good and she doesn’t know it! NO, it doesn’t make sense! But we are being told a bunch of lies, again, as a means to an end, again. This is being said by people who grin as they say it because they know what they are saying is false. This is what you get with one size fits all government. This is what you get with large bureaucracies. This is what conservatives have been saying for years and years, all while being demonized and told they didn’t care about poor and sick people.

Infuriating that you are being treated like a bunch of dunces who don’t know what is good for you? That’s what you get with big government. They know best. You don’t. And this kind of lie is wholly justified in their minds because of the OVERALL good they think Obamacare will accomplish. It’s just a means to an end for them..lying. Being lied to and then told I’m stupid for wanting a healthcare plan that fits my needs kind of makes me more than a little mad. And I hope it does with you as well. Conservatives have known this for a while. This is not a new revelation to us, and I probably sound like a broken record repeating it. What IS new are the literally millions of people who are about are getting or will get cancellation letters in the mail who AREN’T necessarily conservative and who DIDN’T know this would happen. Now they are learning. The American people are learning. That number is not hyperbole. As of this post, hundreds of thousands of people have received these cancellation letters, and hundreds of thousand more will. This bill is simply NOT what it was sold as being, Period. Now THAT’S a period that ISN’T a lie:


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