“Choice And Competition” my @ss

obamacaretrojanhorseBy Matt

Remember that phrase? It was said quite a bit by Obama and his cohorts when he was trying to sell the American people on Obamacare. The problem is, it’s not “good ol’ fair choice and competition” when you pit a government subsidized program against a free-market non-subsidized entity. They just don’t follow the same rules, at all. This is what liberals don’t understand…or… do they?

The problem is, it actually doesn’t bring down the price of private insurance when you add a bunch of regulations on their policies, and use tax dollars to subsidize government exchanges. What it does do is eventually bankrupts one of those two entities due to “competition” that isn’t fair, and you can bet that it isn’t the government program getting the short end of the stick on this one. Government has the luxury of taking tax dollars they don’t have, and spending them to their hearts delight…the rules of economics be damned.

If a business runs a big deficit….it goes out of business. If the government runs a deficit, it ignores it, prints more money, or taxes more…but it doesn’t go out the business. The public and the private sectors just aren’t the same. Not at all. Pitting two private sector companies against each other….sure, fair….pitting the government who doesn’t have to abide by the same rules private sector companies do….not very fair, it doesn’t add more choices for the consumer when private sector companies go out of business, and guess what, not too difficult to understand that this is the case either.

I guess its a fair question then to simply ask if liberals are so incompetent as to not know this, or, do they know it and they are just trying to bankrupt private insurance companies to get people on the state exchanges so as move use to a single payer system as soon as possible? Why would they want want to bankrupt private insurers? Well, it’s kind of hard to force people onto a state roll if their is a vibrant free-market alternative. I tend to think they know exactly what they are doing, and unless you want the government to control your healthcare, one way or another, this law must be undone or dismantled, piece by piece if needs be.

It must be undone not out of spite, not because those passing it lied to the American people, and not because conservatives hate uninsured people. It must be undone to preserve what is the greatest healthcare system in the world. If you think insurance is expensive now, just wait till its “free”. It’s not too late, but time is also not on our side. We have to stay vigilant and keep fighting every chance we get. We have to keep the pressure on and let people know who is for this law and who is against it. We can’t forget that despite media distortion,  a majority of the American people still do not like this law. We represent the majority on this issue. Don’t forget it.

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