Federal judge set to rule on Obamacare subsidies quandary

creepy-uncle-sam-620x341By Matt

There’s no doubt that Obamacare was rushed through congress and passed solely with the support of one political party in this country. More people have always been opposed to it than like it since it passed more than three years ago. Now that partisan process, where Democrats insisted it be passed immediately, and that we could iron out the details at a later date because it would be now or never,  may be its very undoing. Obamacare is the law of he land. But perhaps, just perhaps, it will die a death of a thousand pinpricks because of its complexities and because it was poorly and hastily conceived. Piece by piece, this big government one size fits all power power-grab of 1/6th  of our economy, that is putting people out of work, causing them to lose existing health insurance policies, and causing those policies that aren’t being cancelled to become more expensive MUST be undone, one way or another. This may be a  good start:


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