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OKeefeBreitbartBy Matt

All people today need to fight back successfully against liberalism is the willingness to do so, to be proactive, and to have some courage. That’s about it. Oh, and maybe a secret camera and microphone.

I recently went to an event hosted by the Green Dragons (named after the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston) that hosted James O’Keefe. You might remember him as the young man who dressed up like a pimp and went into a number of different ACORN offices where employees willingly directed him how to avoid detection from authorities in evading taxes, smuggling humans, and engaging in child prostitution, among other things. This happened in six different states to varying degrees, despite the initial reaction of the media that OF COURSE these were isolated instances. These videos, leaked one at a time, which O’Keefe explained played off the tendency of the media to wholesale dismiss the first few videos as isolated instances, the latter of the videos making the media look really stupid, since by that time it became apparent that these occurrences weren’t isolated, single-handidly prompted the defunding of ACORN, a liberal organization implicated in massive voter-fraud, that received tens of millions of dollars in federal funding for decades; not too bad for a 20-something kid with a hidden camera.

That ACORN incident itself seem like an isolated incident, a bit of lucky fortune by O’Keefe and his buddies. If you think so, you would be wrong. By disguising himself and getting things on tape for all to see, James O’Keefe, just in a few short years, federally defunded ACORN, with its hundreds of thousands of liberal activists, got NPR’s senior vice president for fundraising fired by posing as a fundraiser and taping him ranting about how racist Republicans are, and in the process started a discussion about the defunding of NPR, has exposed numerous loopholes in voting security, including successfully, with ease, obtaining Eric Holders ballot (yep…that’s irony), prompting more than one state to tighten their voting laws, and has exposed the ease with which people get “Obama phones” and in doing so caused the tightening of screenings on income in order to receive them. The list really does go on and on; all done by one  kid with a few buddies, some video cameras, and some GUTS.

The key, O’Keefe explained, is to simply document the world AS IT IS, and expose that to people. This just isn’t done enough. There is too much theory…too much preaching. Rather than spending time ranting or whining about liberals and the liberal media, which of course isn’t covered by them, you have to EVOKE a reaction from the media to get a problem covered. People have to ACT not just talk. People have to EXPOSE things, personally if need be. In most of the above cases, people obviously got fired for the things they got caught on camera saying while on the job. Because of those firings local media often covered it, and in some cases that media was picked up nationally. That is the key to breaching the firewall that is the liberal media…not hoping that they are fair and cover a thing that should be covered, but by forcing their hand in covering a thing…and that is done by showing, with VIDEO if needs be, the very atrocities they ignore and claim don’t exist, but which we all know do happen and exist. Make it not about theory….GET IT ON CAMERA! Act! This is really what causes reform to be enacted.

James also explained that CONTENT IS KING. If a subject is not interesting or sexy, its just not going to get covered. Voter fraud, federal funding of NPR etc…these are issues that perk the interest of the media and are newsworthy, who purport not to be partisan, but because they are partisan are in fact interested by such issues, just like everyone else.

One point he stressed, and its hard to disagree with the guy considering what he accomplished thus far, is that, as corny as it sounds, it is going to take YOU AND ME to reform this country. By you and me, what he means is, if you think by electing a few more Republicans or a few more conservative Republicans, you can expect fundamental change from that, think again. Change is going to, and has always come, from the common citizen rising up and speaking out, and revealing the truth about things. The media is not doing their job in exposing the truth, so electing a few more politicians may slow the bleeding, but it doesn’t address the fundamental problem in this country, which largely has to do with the liberal media, and can only be solved by exposing truth despite their best effort to conceal it.

The record speaks louder than the rhetoric. In this case, O’Keefe couldn’t be more right, and he has the examples to prove it. It just takes guts. Liberals have been extraordinarily successful in silencing conservatives, who traditionally have not been the activist, in your face types. The brilliance of people like O’Keefe, and Andrew Breitbart, with whom James worked, is that they were unapologetically conservative and in your face, and they openly challenged the CRAP that liberals throw around with impunity on a daily basis.  They just weren’t intimidated, period. They weren’t afraid of what the media would say about them or how they would be portrayed. They knew exactly how they would be portrayed, but they plowed forward anyway and took all the shots, the distortions, and the lies that the media threw at them.

People like Andrew Breitbart and James O’Keefe simply take it upon themselves to do the JOB of the media…to do the job journalists used to do in this country, but are no longer doing. They did so not by writing about an issue, but by DOCUMENTING it up close and personal. Then….just show the people! It’s not that complicated. It just takes the courage to be willing to take the inevitable onslaught of a liberal media. In short, it just takes GUTS. I for one will say, James was wholly different than any portrayal of him I saw in the media prior to attending his presentation. It’s a bit scary how easily they can and will distort something or someone with whom they disagree. All the more reason to jump in and expose what needs to be exposed, and can be exposed if people only decide to do so.

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