A spectre is haunting America – the spectre of Communism

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By Matt

I think everyone should read the Communist Manifesto. Don’t read ABOUT it. Read it. I’ve learned quite a bit about the political left as a result of reading it. By no means am I calling everyone, or even a majority of people on the left a Communist for Pete’s sake, but honestly, people tend to fall, not in everyaspect, but in many aspects, into different general broad philosophies, whether they know it or not, and that includes philosophies like Socialism, Capitalism, and even Communism, to varying degrees.

After visiting some conservative websites today, I stumbled on a video at Breitbart where the President of the Chicago Teachers Union, Karen Lewis, was talking about the the uneven distribution of wealth in the U.S., went into how the rich in this country would never  let their riches be legislated away from them, and how in the past those riches were taken away from people simply by lopping peoples heads off, at which point a few cheers and claps could noticeably be heard in the crowd. I thought to myself, “Now where have I heard THAT before? Oh that’s right, the Communist Manifesto!”

Karl Marx also openly acknowledged the same opinion about the necessity of a violent revolution against the “ruling class” in order to attain “social justice”, since the “ruling class” will never WILLINGLY let go of their power. “Justice” therefore must be had at the end of a sword. It MUST be that way for change to come about. Its possible that Mrs. Lewis’s statement and Marx’s statement were just a matter of coincidence I suppose? Well, Lewis in fact stated that her comments were a paraphrase of Lucy Parsons. So of course I looked up Lucy Parsons. Sure enough, Lucy Parsons was a “radical socialist and anarchist Communist”. Go figure (A link to this video can be found at the bottom of this article).

It’s pretty easy to find radicals on the left and on the right and try and pass them off as representing the mainstream of the political party they happen to vote for, when in fact they are not representative of the mainstream and are in fact more representative of the fringe of their party. Such selective outrage is promoted on a regular basis by political outlets on both the left and the right as a way to pump up their respective bases. I would however submit that I do in fact think that those sort of feelings, as expressed by Karen Lewis, are becoming more and more commonplace in our country, and they already have manifested themselves in groups like Occupy Wall Street throughout Barack Obama’s presidency.

Our country is changing. I believe it is this type of mentality, even if it is a minority mentality at the moment, which put Barack Obama over the finish line this election. Sure Mitt Romney was not the best candidate, and Hurricane Sandy didn’t help either, but the sort of victory Barack Obama enjoyed was one enabled by the class warfare Obama pushed throughout his presidency, expressed by Mrs. Lewis in the above video, and applauded by her enthusiastic audience. Populism and class antagonism were at the heart of Barack Obama’s campaign, and it worked better than it has ever worked before. Not since FDR has the economy been so bad and has the sitting president been re-elected despite it, and it was due in large part to his mastery of dividing and conquering through greed, envy, and hatred.

Never before have we heard the word “fair share” uttered so many times by so liberal of a president. A president who proudly on numerous occasions talked about “spreading the wealth around” with little apparent repercussion from the American electorate. As part of his technique for diving America, Obama spent much of his second campaign focusing on the need to raise the top tax rates, something which will do almost NOTHING to solve the debt crisis of the United States, but oh how it worked! It worked fabulously. People have rarely been worse off, and laws such as Obamacare have rarely been so universally unpopular, but he was elected despite. Why?

I think just enough people out there were convinced that if the rich would just give up a little bit more, most of the problems in this country might be solved. They HAD to have believed that, because that’s ALL Obama was preaching! He didn’t talk about ANY specific cuts…none. This election was supposed to be about economy, and all Barack had to offer was division, under the guise of economy. Never was so much said about something that would do so little to solve our national problems as to nominally raise one tax bracket by a few percentage points while offering NO substantive cuts in spending whatsoever; cuts that people on both sides agree need to happen. And, it worked. It worked fabulously. It worked because of division. It worked because of greed. And it worked because of ignorance.

It worked because this election was less about economics and more about a cultural war. It was a war of envy and hatred. Obama convinced enough people that the rich were screwing them, and he would return our country to normalcy; the banks were screwing them, the oil companies were screwing them, and the rich were screwing them, just to name a few, and he was going to stick it to them. He really didn’t offer much beyond that except for cultural identity politics meant to maximize the base. A majority of the American people disregarded the campaign that preached individual responsibility and fiscal sanity for one that painted Mitt Romney as a heartless robber baron, and as Obama as Robin Hood, they accepted it enthusiastically…and it worked.

Many people may not even know the actual dictates of Communism. Many in fact do know them, and reference them indirectly as did Mrs. Lewis. They are dictates that mirror the beliefs of our current president, and which have been held for a long time by many on the left who BEFORE now have kept such beliefs mostly hidden from sight. I think our country is unknowingly, and slowly transforming into one where people are no longer restrained, due in large part to our increasingly irreligious society, by selflessness and other religious dictates that would have people deny their impulses for greed and envy, into a society where fringe elements who embrace idea’s like “off with their head” are apparently NOT so fringe anymore, or at least are never singled out and covered like they should be. This is something Marx taught, namely, that religion was just a means to keep the man down, and that he must TAKE by force that which is rightfully his.

Speaking of communist dictates, here are a few as bullet noted at the end of the section on “Proletarians and Communists” in the Communist Manifesto: “2) A heavy progressive or graduated income tax, 3) Abolition of all right of inheritance…5) Centralization of credit in the hands of the State…10) Free education. To varying degrees we already HAVE all of these things in America, and some we don’t, but not for lack of trying by the left.

We HAVE a progressive tax in this country that will NEVER be graduated enough for the left. We HAVE an estate tax which disallows inheritances past a certain amount to be past on. We HAVE ever-increasing rules and regulations on banks on what they are required by the state to do and how they are to act. And even though we HAVE “free” education in this country for some time now, something I don’t disagree with, there are more and more voices on the left everyday clamoring for “free” post secondary education with no limitations the likes of many socialized European countries. It has taken decades and decades, and our society has changed for the better in many ways, and in some regards for the worse, all the while with many people purposefully blurring the lines of differing political and economic systems.

Kids today aren’t taught what Capitalism really is, and what Communism really is…by name anyway. They aren’t taught economics in school to my knowledge. The rhetoric the likes of which this particular union president is admonishing have been around our schools for longer than people are willing to admit, and it is only getting stronger, and more boldly preached. Too many people have taken for granted our way of life and have not directly passed it down to their kids, as if the ability to preserve freedom is passed down in the bloodstream from generation to generation. Our education system has been indoctrinating the children of America for decades with this nonsense, veiled and nuanced as it usually is, and I think it is finally coming round full circle. Too many people think such radical economic change can’t happen, not here, but it can, and it is. Don’t take my word for it, just take a look:


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2 Responses to A spectre is haunting America – the spectre of Communism

  1. Buddy says:

    This scares me beyond all means.

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