“Denny’s to charge 5% ‘Obamacare surcharge’ and cut employee hours to deal with cost of legislation”


The novel Atlas Shrugged comes to mind here. A society utterly dependent on the very free-market capitalists they constantly demonize; The people they take for granted and just assume willalways be there for them no matter what rules and regulations they impose, because of their total lack of understanding of how businesses works. 

What if those businesses, rather than absorbing the cost of these rules and regulations without identifying them, put a label on how much each rule and regulation is costing them, and therefore costing the consumer? Just imagine if every time someone ordered and paid for a Sante Fe Skillet the receipt said “5% Obamacare Surcharge”. Imagine if when people got gas for their car, their receipt broke down just how much of their money was state tax so people could see the governments share and the oil companies share. I think people might be a bit surprised to see how much Uncle Sam is taking from them.

People would start to understand what goes into the price of things, and maybe they would care a little bit more what they are letting Washington get away with. It would certainly inform people of the destructive and costly nature of regulations such as those imposed by Obamacare. The populace would become more informed pretty quickly I think. What a simple way of exposing the stupidity, counter-productivity, and costliness  of liberal government programs. I can only hope and that this idea spreads. If the media is going to pull the sheets over peoples eyes, it is up to us as individual citizens to do what we have to to inform people about the destructiveness of liberal economic policies.

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