MSM Finds It In Themselves To Report Actual News, Post Election Of Course

I’ve heard quite a few conservatives, Bernie Goldberg comes to mind, if you can call him a conservative, who are fond of claiming there is no concerted effort on the part of the mainstream media to help elect Barack Obama. It’s been said that it’s just who they are. They are liberals and report things as such. They do report things that are skewed, but do so unknowingly. I have subscribed in part to this theory myself, while at the same time acknowledging there still may be some shenanigans going on, though it was more so my belief such shenanigans were the exception to the rule. I think I’ve changed my mind on that. They know. They know full well they are skewing the news. Anything that might hurt liberals, they simply don’t report. It’s not an accident. It’s not incidental. Their post-election coverage has exposed this fact.

Just today on Yahoo News, three uncharacteristically honest stories were featured which 1) declared Obama is in fact poised to raise taxes, 2) asked why social security IS running out of money, and 3) declared that while Obamacare is here to stay, it DOES face many challenges and present many problems. Quite a bit of honesty if you ask me. So what changed? Of course the election just happened, so apparently they feel they can be honest for a few minutes regarding the many serious problems our country faces. I guess one can only lie so long until a release valve has to be opened. Don’t hold your breath however that they will keep this up. We all know better. Every once in a while they feel the need to actually tell the truth, you know, once they’ve done their duty for the cause.

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