The American People Have Spoken

The thing that surprised me yesterday was not that Obama won. I think we all knew this was going to be a close race. Though many conservatives were hoping for a blowout, and as such, a mandate, the polls showed a tied rating between the two candidates and a bunch of battleground states that could go either way. But no one, and I mean NO ONE, thought Obama would run the table on ALL the battleground states. No one thought the only states the Republicanswould reclaim from ’08 were Indiana and North Carolina. No one. It doesn’t really scare me that Obama won. Life goes on. It scares me that considering the state of our country, that he won as big as he did the way that he did.

The American people were offered two competing visions of what America should be this election, and a good majority of people voted for less personal independence, and more “free” things from the government, whether they know it or not, and I suspect most of them knew exactly for what they were voting. It’s true that Obama sliced and diced this electorate piecemeal into nothing more than a bunch of interest groups and pinned them against one another in order to win. Sure he made people believe Romney was an heartless robber-baron. He made many people believe Republicans wanted to take away women’s reproductive rights. Many people were no doubt suckered. But that’s not what put Obama over the edge. Envy and greed did that. A belief by Obama’s voters that they are owed certain things from government is what put Obama over the edge. A REJECTION of the idea that we have to have some degree of self-control and sacrifice and accordingly shrink government before we bankrupt ourselves is what put Obama over the edge.

I, and millions of other Americans, was banking on a silent majority of selfless Americans showing up to vote who believed in self-reliance and equal opportunity for all; People who don’t believe in class warfare and division; People who don’t want anything from anyone. All they want is freedom. But where were they? Despite an environment conducive to a Republican win, there just weren’t enough of them out there, and not by a long shot. Not anymore. I apparently had too much optimism and too much faith in the small government, freedom loving nature of the American people. Things have apparently changed in America. Maybe the conservative message didn’t get out? Maybe it did? I can’t answer that question. But one thing’s for sure. We have finally reached a tipping point in this country. There are more of them than there are of us. If it doesn’t somehow change, and soon, American exceptionalism, the belief in individualism, may soon be gone forever.

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