[11-2-12] Jobless Rate INCREASES TO 7.9%, Media Spins

The jobless rate ticked up from 7.8 to 7.9 during the month of October the Labor Department just reported. Despite the confirmation that our economy is in fact at a standstill, the media remains undaunted in their efforts to mislead the American people. Here are some of the headlines:

Yahoo News wasn’t even headlining the story, but when I scrolled over 5 videos at about 9:30am the title of the article read, “Economy adds 170k jobs, boosting Obama”. Huh? That’s right, “boosting Obama”. Nevermind the teeny tiny little fact that we also LOST 170k new jobless during the same month. Onto CNN. CNN’s headline was, “US hiring increases; jobless rate ticks higher” I guess with a Democrat in the white house its pretty important to simultaneously note when the unemployment rate goes up that “hiring increases”, and then go on to NOT mention the unemployment rate. MSNBC’s headline was, “US economy adds more jobs than expected; jobless rate at 7.9%. Of course the headline doesn’t say that the unemployment rate went UP, but does make sure to say this was a better than expected report. How unemployment going up is better than expected is beyond me.

Pretty good headlines considering the unemployment rate ROSE just days before the election! I’d call these people lying liars who lie, but I don’t think that phrase encapsulates the full breadth, depth, and effect of our media’s perpetual dishonesty. What a considerably better country we’d have if we weren’t deliberately misled by the purported guardians of truth and information. It’s pretty damn unfortunate that we have to struggle so hard in this great democracy just to get accurate information out to the public. And despite our best efforts, the untwisted truth still only seeps out to a modest portion of the population. All we can do is keep chugging and not give in to these loons. Eventually fortune smiles upon those who endure.

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