[10-31-12] How To Really Win Back America:

How do we win back America? It’s easy to get lost in all the particulars; all the individual policies that make the two main political parties in this country distinct from one another. Every once in a while it’s constructive, even in the middle of a heated campaign, to take a step back and look at the broader picture.

We all know the many problems our great country faces: debt, ever-growing government bureaucracy, high taxes, a failing economy, failing schools, and the list goes on. These things will ultimately restrict our freedom. But what are the roots of all these varied problems? What is it that enables them to gain the foothold that they do? Without identifying the root cause(s), we face death by a thousand inevitable pinpricks. Without stopping the engine that is driving this destructive momentum, there’s not much hope of fixing these problems.

In my opinion, there are two root causes that most enable all the other ones in our country today: 1) the lack of a free and fair media, and 2) unscrupulous educational institutions. Conservatives have already identified these two areas as ones that need attention. Identifying them as deficient is nothing new. But it cannot be noted enough that these are the institutions from which almost all information flows, and it just so happens they are two institutions that are controlled by the left in this country. Again, these are the sources of almost all information, from students to non-student alike. Without returning these institutions to a semblance of normalcy and fairness, we’re fighting a losing battle in this country, again, even if we win a victory here and there. If we don’t get this turned around we are only slowing the tide of inevitable change, not turning the tide.

As far the media is concerned, conservatives have made excellent inroads. Alternative media is a great example. But as these inroads have been made, the left in this country have adjusted and moved even further left in that media that they still control. The average Joe still gets most of his information from snippets of the local nightly news (liberal), the front page of the newspaper (liberal), the internet news just before logging into their email account (liberal), and from their favorite TV show (liberal). The power of the liberal media is that its ancillaries are those outlets that most affect the undecided voter in this country, and that immense power and its effect cannot be understated influence-wise. It can seem a daunting task to chip away at this seeming monopoly, but it can and must be done.

One way this can be done is through the alternative media. The alternative media, Fox News, AM radio, the blogosphere, and the like, has the ability to mobilize and give voice to people in this country who 10 or 20 years ago had no such outlet. The people who frequent these outlets are however already politically-minded individuals more often than not, and as such. these outlets do not reach the average Joe out there nearly as much as the mainstream media reaches them. However, another benefit of alternative media is it broadcasts information that quite frequently does in fact seep into mainstream coverage from time to time, despite the MSM’s best efforts. What we need to do to maximize our coverage is to bait the mainstream media to cover things they otherwise would not cover.

We need to further infiltrate their ranks. Sounds devious doesn’t it? What I mean is we need get beyond the fact that their coverage is skewed in their favor and despite this we need to place articulate conservatives in mass as guests on liberally-controlled shows across the board, unapologetically and without trepidation, whenever the opportunity arises. This means frequenting networks that are jokes, MSNBC for example. If people watch it, we need to have conservatives as guests on those shows. It’s not fun being nagged at by a communist, but it has to be part of the game.

Secondly, enter our school system. Our schools have been indoctrination centers for decades. This is perhaps the most detrimental root of the current problems we face. Liberals in this country are completely and wholly unashamed of using our schools as political instruments to be utilized in fomenting liberalism, and they have been very very effective at doing so. For most of them, the means justify the ends. Conservative have really and truly underestimated their impact on students over the years. We need to 1) wrestle power away from the teachers unions, 2) wrestle power away from the federal government, 3) take a better interest in what is being taught to our kids in school, 4) and teach them conservative, common sense principles at home first.

The most immediate impact ordinary citizens can have on schools is participating in one way or another in their local PTA; Learn the curriculum; Pressure bad teachers out. People can promote and financially support candidates for the local school-board who do not take an interest in brainwashing our kids in liberalism. These are common-sense approaches. They just need to be done! And by the way, speaking of the curriculum, how in the world is it that students are so ill-informed on economic affairs? We need to teach economics in our schools!! Money and economy are the means to all our ends, and too many students are indifferent and ill-informed on these matters. As such, they are susceptible to being influenced by people like those in the Occupy Movement, who themselves are economic illiterates, and who take our present way of living for granted.

Not addressing these two main problems FIRST is to be short-sighted in our efforts to retake America and put it back onto the path of greatness. We can’t treat the symptoms, we need to treat the illness which causes the symptoms first, and that illness is a bombardment of unchecked liberalism on our youth in the form of indoctrination in schools and on everyone as a whole through the media at large. Addressing these problems head-on is the key to effecting real change. I know it’s easier said than done, but we need to focus our efforts on correcting this mass of misinformation. Our citizenry is being saturated with liberalism from all directions, and unless and until such saturation is somehow limited, all other efforts to undo it are destined for failure.

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