[10-29-12] Sandy Gives Obama Political Upper-hand

It may sound callous to talk about this hurricane in political terms, but you can bet your bottom dollar the Democrats are going to utilize this storm for that reason to the best of their ability, so why not talk briefly about their game plan? Here’s the deal. I don’t see any way this hurricane will benefit Mitt Romney to be blunt. On the other hand, I see infinite openings for President Obama. This is not to say I think Barack Obama will win, but I do believe it will in fact benefit him. The question for me is will it benefit him enough to win the day?

This hurricane will benefit Obama because he will have the opportunity to “be the commander in chief”, to be on the TV constantly and exclusively, purportedly not as a politician, which is always more appealing to people. The media of course will be a willing accomplice to this. The media will be plastering Obama’s picture 24/7 on the TV, playing statements of comfort from our commander in chief while ignoring every other message that might otherwise hurt Obama. This will be their final symphony to help the president. Beside this, I also think it’s always better for the incumbent when we are in the middle of an emergency, because it’s always perceived to be riskier to hand power over to another individual in the middle of a potentially unstable situation.

Ironically, if Barack Obama LOSES despite this hurricane, and much to the point of this article, Democrats all over the country will in fact conversely blame Hurricane Sandy, even though it is potentially their political savior. We all know the state of denial that Democrats live in. More to the point, this will have been Sandy’s fault in their eyes for no other reason than that it affected Democratic turnout in some manner or other, real or not. Every street could be clear and every polling station open, and it still will have been Sandy’s fault, particularly if the popular vote goes to Romney, since of course the northeast is predominately Democratic, and will therefore disproportionately affect that vote.

Make no mistake, this will be very very political in the end. I’m already witnessing Democrats politicizing the hurricane on TV, pointing out that Romney has stated his intention to abolish FEMA. My guess is it’s too little too late for the President…but now at least liberals have something that will help them and also the perfect straw-man for their impending demise. Ah, the best of BOTH worlds…just wait and see.

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