[10-25-12] Voter Fraud…Who Cares?

A video has just been released of (D)Rep. Jim Moran’s son, a field director in his re-election campaign, openly talking in detail about how to fraudulently cast votes for his father in the upcoming election. Now, I looked briefly at the numbers in the district Jim Moran is running in, and it looks like a very solidly democratic area. This certainly begs the question, if someone is so open to voter-fraud in a safe Democratic district, what sort of craziness is potentially going on in districts that are actually neck and neck?

Even though maintaining the integrity of our elections is necessary to preserving the health of our republic, I wouldn’t expect to see this story on the network news stations if I were you. It just doesn’t fit the liberal media’s narrative, especially less than two weeks out from the election, and especially considering this was another video captured on the part of conservative James O’Keefe. They wouldn’t lower themselves to indulge someone like O’Keefe. But could you imagine if, say, ANY Republican candidate for congress was caught on tape in this manner promoting voter-fraud? THAT would certainly fit their narrative a bit better. That would be a pertinent human-interest story. You’d see THAT story everywhere. Don’t doubt it for a second.

If anything else, this story is illustrative of how easy it is to commit voter fraud, if a person were actually determined. I think people have a false sense of security that tells them it is too difficult to game the system on  a scale large enough to affect most elections. It really isn’t that hard after all. We can’t afford to be bullied on this issue! The bottom line is liberals in the media are trying to intimidate conservatives who believe in prudent regulations that would help preserve the integrity of our elections into laying off this issue. They are doing this by labeling them as racists, as usual, among other things of course.

No less than our democracy is at stake. We need to stick with this issue and do everything we possibly can to institute reforms that prevent voter-fraud during this election and future ones. Showing an ID to vote is more than reasonable, and would solve most of these problems. Here in Missouri, if you have an absentee ballot, notarization is required. These are reasonable regulations that will vastly help ensure the integrity of our elections. They are necessary, because when people on a large scale start to doubt the fairness of their elections, inevitably, such government eventually collapses. One thing is for sure, when the ends justify the means, as they do with people who adhere to a socialistic way of thinking, problems like this are only going to get worse and worse if they are not addressed head on:


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