[10-22-12] FLASHBACK: Learn What Makes Progressives Tick

Before this very important election, I thought it might be appropriate to take a step back and take a look at what drives liberals to think how they do. If you are interested in more than just who said what where and when about the topic of the day, and you want to dig a bit deeper into what actually drives the ideology of the left, you won’t find a better video than this one.

Following is a link for a video of Evan Sayet speaking at the Heritage Foundation some years back where he talks about why he converted from liberalism to conservatism. Being a lifelong New York liberal, who at one time even worked for Bill Maher, Evan certainly has the credentials to talk on this topic. This isn’t some conservative surmising what he, in his opinion, thinks liberals are thinking. This is a former liberal, talking about liberalism passionately and forthrightly.

For conservatives out there, you can’t watch this video enough times. It’s very useful in ascertaining why liberals do what they do so you are more able to determine what they will say and do next. For you political moderates, Evan tends to overgeneralize at times, and is unapologetically politically incorrect. Try not to let that diminish the broader context of his message. For you liberals out there, you really won’t like this video. You will find it offensive. Turn back now:


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