[10-20-12] Ayatollah Endorses Obama

News seems to be breaking that Iran is ready to initiate one on one negotiations with the U.S. regarding its nuclear program to begin after the upcoming election. Apparently, it doesn’t make sense for them to start negotiations until they know who it is they will be negotiating with. This certainly begs the question as to why in the world Iran simply wouldn’t just wait two more weeks until letting this particular cat out the bag? In other words, why put on display the intent to negotiate before they can negotiate, especially considering the election is little more than two weeks away?

If you ask me, the Ayatollah would prefer President Obama stay in office, and this is a gift to him to make it look like U.S. policy toward Iran is working and they are in effect being forced to the table. Is this the October surprise, two weeks out, and a few days before the last debate on foreign policy? It might be Iran’s October surprise, but something tells me the Chicago politician is still sitting on something of some import. It would certainly be unbecoming of Obama’s character if he didn’t.

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