[10-19-12] Liberal Media Officially In Panic Mode

If you frequented Yahoo’s home page today, something I do only to see what progressives are pushing, you would have seen stories talking about how Paul Ryan’s presence at a soup kitchen has diminished donations to that kitchen, continued talk of Mitt’s “binder blunder”, a story about Mitt’s nephew, yes his nephew, who was apparently involved in a green energy company, a story trying to calm the fears of gun-right activists detailing how people need not worry at all about their gun rights since gun purchases have thrived under Obama’s tenure as president, and finally a story on how Mitt is the “most anti-immigrant candidate ever”. One right after another.

There was one negative story on Obama, if you can call it that: “Obama admits ‘not optimal’  communication on Benghazi”. Sort of an understatement if you ask me, and ironically not the story one might think it to be. I read it, and it didn’t mention once Obama’s now infamous statement that losing four Americans was “not optimal”. The story was actually about how the communication concerning Benghazi was not optimal. Personally, I think it’s pretty desperate for liberals when they have to cover up statements about something which they and the administration are already covering up and which happened after the previous cover-up.

I know it can be tiring talking about ridiculousness that is today’s media, but I thought it was worth noting that “super silly season” is upon officially upon us, and further that the media seems to now be officially panicking. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the media will always tell you what they are thinking if you look at their coverage and just read between the lines. These particular stories, with their particular ridiculousness, tell me that liberals in the media know this thing is really in contention come November 6th and that it’s not looking good. I think they might be right.

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