[10-18-12] Rewind: Good ol’ Milton

The following five links are Milton Friedman debating Phil Donahue back in 1979. Funny how much even though things change, they really stay the same. The single biggest reason this country is becoming more socialistic by the day, in my opinion, is people simply are not taught about economics in school. Combine this with the fact that many people tend to take our economic system for granted, and it leaves the population much more susceptible to being persuaded by people like those in the Occupy Movement who also take for granted and know very little about how the benefits of a free enterprise system. By the way, visit my videos section to see more good Youtube clips!

In the first clip Milton talks government intervention in the auto industry. This certainly has relevance today:


In the second clip he continues for a few minutes on the auto industry and goes on to talk about gas prices and monopolies:


The third IS A MUST SEE, particularly the first 4 minutes. Milton talks in a broad sense about the effects of big, centralized government on the economy, capitalism vs. communism, how human nature affects them all, and more about inflation:


In the fourth video Milton talks further about how the free market tends to naturally break down monopolies, how to prevent inflation, and takes a closer look at wealth distribuition:


In the last video, Mr. Friedman touches on school vouchers, inflation again, and the nanny state:


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2 Responses to [10-18-12] Rewind: Good ol’ Milton

  1. Tony T. Tony says:

    Very good series! Thanks for the links!!!

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