[10-17-12] Huffington Post Advocates Violence


I admit it. I frequent the Huffington Post on a regular basis to see what the reds are up to. I’ve noticed over time a fairly TMZesque, juvenille attitude on display. Headlines frequently resemble phrases like “NH conservative is like so totally smacked down”. I made that one up, but there are plenty of valley-girl type headlines that are clearly written on a regular basis by unstable foaming-at-the mouth liberals.

Somehow they took it to a new low today, if that is possible. Scrolling down the page I saw an article entitled “WATCH: Waffle House Customers Smack Down Man Over Gay Slur”. The title changes to “Waffle House Homophobe Smacked Down By Crowd Following Slur” when you clicked on it. Now I understand the use of human interest stories on websites that may not be hard news. Posting videos of a violent car crash where the driver walks away just fine, or a compilation of cats playing the keyboard is one thing, but what exactly is the value of promoting a video where an individual is savagely beaten by a crowd for calling them a name? I mean what was unique about this beating that warranted a purported news organization to post it?

The story goes on to say, “if you’re going to be spreading hate speech, you should probably get a read on your crowd first.” Unfortunately, this cannot be interpreted by any reasonable person as anything other than a video meant to be enjoyed by mean-spirited leftists who think it’s funny and OK if someone gets beaten if they say something they don’t like. What a total lack of decency on their part. And by the way, I say it’s “leftists” who enjoy this not because it is conversely people on the right who are generally homophobes, but because this site plays host to leftists.

Can you imagine if The Drudge Report had an article entitled “Believer totally smacks down pagen over slur”, went on to boast “Hey if you’re gonna make fun of believers, better take a good look at the crowd”, and proceeded to show 3 Baptists savagely beat an atheist as people chanted “get mad”? What in the world would be the point of Drudge posting such a video…and would they?

The title really said it all.  It didn’t say “Man beaten by crowd after slur”, it said “homophope smacked down”. I don’t know if this is a new low, or if I just haven’t frequented the Huff Post enough to see this mastery in action, but this site is a total disgrace. I’m not excusing the hateful, ignorant behavior of the individual in the video, and by that, I mean the one beaten, but what intrinsic value does posting a video like this have if not for people to enjoy it? There is NO other reason. I’d say “Shame on you Huffington Post”, but how can you even get angry with people you don’t respect?

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