[10-15-12] The media, key to the liberal mind!

You may have noticed ahead of the second debate there have been a number of news stories on how both sides are worried that moderator Candy Crowley will overstep her bounds and just ask way too many follow-up questions. Whether you go to Yahoo News or the Huffington Post, there this story is. The importance of this? The media will ALWAYS tell you the liberal strategy, if you read between the lines, always!

In this case it got me thinking. What are they trying to accomplish by running all these stories about big, bad Candy Crowley? It’s pretty simple really. Considering Obama’s propensity to bloviate, and in bloviating, to filibuster, the media is trying to intimidate Candy into staying out of Obama’s way, nothing more, nothing less.

We all know how Obama operates. We’ve all seen the 7 minute answers at press conferences. The bottom line is Obama simply is not as good of a debater as Mitt Romney, and Team Obama doesn’t want a debate, they want a bunch of mini-speeches. This is the key to maximizing Obama’s performance. I hope she doesn’t take the bait. I suspect she won’t, but we’ll see soon enough.

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