[10-13-12] The hypocrisy of supposed liberal philanthropy…just a reminder


The above video is just a reminder, as if we needed one, that liberals are more often than not only generous with other people’s money. I thought it would be appropriate considering the impending tax increases. It shows purported wealthy liberals advocating for higher taxes on themselves, while at the same time unwilling to give money to the government voluntarily and individually. In my humble opinion, liberals like the ones seen in this video do in fact have the best interests of the country at heart, as do most people in our great country. The difference is that many of them hide behind advocating for higher taxes as a way to make themselves feel more noble while at the very same time not giving extra money to the government. They sure get the best of both worlds!

The bottom line is they simply do not believe in the effectiveness of individualism. Their hopes reside primarily with the government, and not with individuals. My question is, if conservatives prefer to give their money to private organizations rather than to what they deem a bloated bureaucracy, and liberals believe that good can only be done if everyone is forced to first, what does that day about how these two groups think about people broadly speaking? It says to me that many liberals look at themselves and see someone who is has trouble giving to charity, and if they have these troubles, then surely everyone else will. Therefore, in their minds, everyone must be forced to give charity if charity is to succeed.

As a result, they believe philanthropy is better done by the government…and what again ironically prompts this type of thinking is their own greed. This is what leads to their lack of belief in the effectiveness of individualism. As an aside, I believe in a safety net for those people either down on their luck or unable to help themselves…but raising taxes on the wealthy to give to our government unfortunately just doesn’t do what liberals think it does. Anyway, just a reminder.

In the end, liberals will only give their money to the government if the other guy does first, and not just the other guy, but all the other guys, and only after such legislation is passed. What hero’s they are!

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2 Responses to [10-13-12] The hypocrisy of supposed liberal philanthropy…just a reminder

  1. LD Jackson says:

    You highlight the main difference between big government liberals and small government conservatives. They believe government is the answer to all problems. We believe individual liberty and freedom is the key to unlocking the answers and solutions we are all seeking. It’s really that simple.

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