[10-12-12] Biden does little to sway undecideds

I got to tell you, I was a little disappointed that Paul Ryan didn’t push back harder against Biden, but then again, he would have risked looking like just as much of an ass as Joe did, so I’m actually OK with the fact that he didn’t.

Joe accomplished his mission, namely, throwing some red meat to the base to try and pump them up after Obama’s poor performance last week. But as far as undecideds are concerned, Biden’s performance was nothing short of disastrous in my opinion. Despite Biden controlling the entire debate, and stepping all over Ryan, most of the post-debate polls STILL rated Ryan more favorably pretty much across the board, and this was due in all likelihood to the utter disdain Joe displayed for Ryan throughout the debate.

In my opinion, the Democrats are in free-fall right now. They had no other choice last night than to once again, in desperation, abandon moderates; Something Obama has done throughout his presidency. The only people who are going to be swayed by a performance like the one Biden had are people who are already going to vote for President Obama, and I don’t think they will be enough for the Democrats to win come this November.

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2 Responses to [10-12-12] Biden does little to sway undecideds

  1. I’d say Ryan passed the VP threshold — establishing that he has the heft to run the executive branch should the need arise — while Biden got most of the country wondering why we let him into government in the first place. (http://bastionofliberty.blogspot.com/2012/10/the-vice-presidential-debate.html)

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