[10-10-12] “Obama says he was ‘too polite’ in first debate with Romney”


An applicant for a job sits down for the big interview. The interviewer asks the job applicant, “What do you consider your biggest weakness?”.  The applicant responds, “I’d have to say my biggest shortcoming is, by golly, I just work too hard”.

I’d have to say Obama’s answer as to why he performed so poorly at the first debate is almost as embarrassing and transparent as the above cliche’ conversation, with the exception that the applicant in the above scenario ACTUALLY probably knew that he was full of it.

Wow. I mean, Obama spoke four minutes longer than Romney DESPITE Romney constantly talking over the moderator, and somehow Obama thinks his poor performance had to be because he was “too polite”? The real problem, as America knows, is Obama was too light on substance, not “too polite”. He had opportunities. He either didn’t want to take them, or couldn’t take them, and that has little to do with politeness.

This is the same president by the way who explained that the reason Obamacare is unpopular is because he just didn’t explain it well enough to us all. What a jerk. Someone who can be THAT detached from reality and so sure of himself despite the obvious is quite literally a danger to this country. That is no joke, and that is the reason for this post.

I don’t foresee Obama becoming a dictator. I’m not that conspiratorial. But it is people like him, people who think THEY are “too big to fail”, all knowing, always right, always there to tell us peons how it is with “teachable moments” who are in fact more often than not BAD for democracy.  Theirs is a demeanor antithetical to that which democracies should foster.

Plus he’s an ass.

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One Response to [10-10-12] “Obama says he was ‘too polite’ in first debate with Romney”

  1. Tony T. Tony says:

    That was RICH!! I was drunk on your wonderful articulation.. and then… I LMAO at your ending line. Great job sir!

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