[9-22-12] G.O.P. Doomed!!

I have a pretty good memory when it comes to politics. I remember when Obama won in 2008, all the liberals declared in one voice that the G.O.P. was doomed. They were done for; Destined for 40 years of wandering in the wilderness. After all, Barack Obama won in a landslide. Indiana…North Carolina…Virginia…Ohio…Florida…all won by Obama. The Democrats had super-majorities in both houses. It might be 20 years before the Republicans regained power! This is exactly what the Democrats were saying at the time. Then two years later the Republicans won the biggest congressional victory in over -70- years.

It’s the same tired story today. Obama got a roughly 5 point edge after the Democratic National Convention. That  taken with the Romney 47% tape coming out, and the liberal media declared the race over! It had to be over according to their mentality, it just had to be. Practically foaming at the mouth, they were once again delighted to tell us the way things are, and they even convinced a few prominent conservatives to panic. But then, only a few weeks later, and Gallup has the race tied as does Rasmussen, 46/46 just today. Oops.

I suppose we’ll never know how much of that change was a natural wearing off of traditional post convention bumps, how much of it was the mideast debacle, or how much of it was the 47% tape, since they were all clumped so closely together. But one thing is for sure: more conservatives need to start thinking for themselves and stop worrying what liberal newscasters tell them is the truth. The media sadly has an agenda, and it’s to make you feel defeated and to depress conservative turnout. I gotta tell you, if it’s tied now at this point, prior to the debates and all the ads, unless something big happens in the interim, it’s Romney’s to lose. You heard it here first.

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