[5-25-12] …I Guess Freedom Of Religion Isn’t THAT Important

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? If you only watched ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, read the Times, the Post, surf the search engine news sections like Yahoo or MSN, or the rest of the liberal media, you might not even know that over 4o Catholic institutions just sued the Obama administration on Monday over their mandating that Catholic institutions carry health insurance coverage that includes provisions that go against their religion. OK, you might have heard SOMETHING about this, but it was most likely more about contraception and women’s rights rather than the real issue. NO ONE is trying to outlaw contraception, you just can’t get it from people who think it’s wrong….duh…where’s the fire people?! This is nothing other than the government telling the largest religious body in America that, again, it has to carry an insurance policy that includes provisions that are against their religion: a clear infringement on religious liberty.

Yet, this apparently is somehow not very newsworthy. It shouldn’t really be a surprise that to a group of elitists who are largely secular, like the left-wing media, religious freedom is sort of, well, actually not that important. Thankfully we have other media outlets available today, and to them, the freedom of people everywhere to practice their religion free of government dictate IS important.

In the end, I believe this will be a net loss for a desperate administration that has no other option than to bank their hopes on expanding their base at the expense of independents to try and win the upcoming election. They really have no other choice than to simply hope that their media will twist the facts enough regarding this story so that people won’t know the truth. I think they underestimate the power of the new media. The walls may just be closing in on them. Have faith.

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