[5-19-12] “Feds Fine School $15,000 for Selling Soda”


Lemonade stands, bake sales, farm chores, and now add to the list soda pop. Ah, the horrors of America…at least according to big-government leftists. But don’t worry, it’s for your own good. Something might just not be right in this country when abortion on demand is promoted by the same twerps who would ban eating Twinkies if they could. And these people actually think we are evolving by means of this sort of fascist, I mean, please excuse me, prudent regulation. Here’s an idea: in the words of Walter Mattau, do the world a favor, pull your lip over your head and swallow.

Who ever thought that Dennis Leary’s anti-regulation rant in the corny futuristic movie Demolition Man, where the government has a rule outlawing everything would actually HAPPEN for God’s sake:


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