[5-10-12] Massachusetts Lawmakers Ban Bake Sales At Schools

Could you just imagine if these do-gooders had unfettered power? It was just a few weeks ago that the Obama Administrations Department of Labor wanted to outlaw kids from doing farm chores. There was such outrage over that incident that the administration was pressured to publicly state that it was an policy that they would not pursue. Now, Massachusetts democratic do-gooders, of course all in the name of public health, passed a measure to ban bake sales at school!

This is the same ridiculous mentality that has led the do-gooders in the past to regulate past attempts by neighborhood kids to open up lemonade stands in such a way so as to shut them down, and if you think that is hyperbole, think again. This measure, like the farm chore debacle, is being scaled back due to public outrage, but for every one of these debacles that is stopped, how many do you think go unnoticed?

In the end, these people are just statists. They have an unavoidable itch to regulate any and everything that exists so that THEY can sleep more soundly at night. They always have an admirable goal at hand as a smokescreen for their stupidity, which makes them even more dangerous. But let me tell you, sincerity is a much overrated virtue.


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