[4-25-12] “Rural kids, parents angry about Labor Dept. rule banning farm chores”


How inept can this administration really get, and how removed from reality? Why do progressives feel the need to disband working families? Well, I guess we can’t have people relying on each other and NOT on the government can we? If you haven’t yet read the above link, you might be wondering what in the world I’m talking about. It turns out that the Obama Administrations Department of Labor wants to make it illegal for kids to do farm chores. This might be funny if it wasn’t true. This is just another example, as if we needed one, of the federal government going where it ought not go, in the name of social justice…to protect the rights of all…and in the process screw us all. Do the words “don’t worry, I’m from the government and I’m here to help” come to mind at all?

The unfortunate fact is everything these progressives think they are doing FOR THE PEOPLE ends up hurting people in the long-run and further empowering the bureaucrats in Washington, who in the end, are constantly gaining more and more control of every aspect of our lives. The worst thing is this is not accidental on their part, the control that is; it’s what they WANT. Most of these people are really just a bunch of dependents who feel the need for OTHER people to control their lives, and if THEIR lives are going to be controlled then everyone’s lives are to be controlled. Hey, their ultimate noble goal is equality, and equality in misery is still equality. As a consequence, whether or not these regulations are ultimately constructive is almost too often hardly even an afterthought for these people, that is, if what they doing grows the bureaucracy, therefore advancing the ultimate goal of centralization.

Leaving people to their own pursuits, you know, that little thing called FREEDOM, is literally the enemy of progressivism when you take progressivism to its natural result. After all, you can’t have 300 plus million people each pursuing their own separate interests. How will that ever result in an egalitarian utopia? Too harsh? All I know is I could crawl under a rock and mind no one’s business but my own and these people would lift that rock up and poke, poke, prod…poke, poke prod. The knowledge of my very existence would push them to interject themselves into my goings on, with their globalist one size fits all mentality.

These do-gooders are so clueless I don’t think they even know that most of these kids probably love working on the farm, for their family, with the animals, getting exercise, getting dirty in the sun. But don’t worry, the emancipators are here to the rescue to protect the children! These bureau-bums, who pretend to be a bunch of philanthropists, don’t understand family farms or even the family unit at large. They don’t get it. To them, the state, with its regulations is THEIR family…and their desire is its unfettered growth at the expense of personal freedom, liberty, independence, and dignity. They don’t understand individualism.

These regulations will likely be halted, but it should scare every freedom-loving American out there that people like this have as much power as they do, and that the NEW fourth arm of government, i.e. regualtory agencies, more and more simply go around congress and the voting public to do what they want by dictate. More and more in today’s America we are being controlled by UNELECTED bureaucrats who just don’t have to answer to anyone. And why should they have to? I mean, we aren’t smart enough to handle our own affairs, are we? We need government for that.

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