[3-13-12] Super PACs: You Reap What You Sow

I’ve heard a lot a of complaining from Progressives about the enormous monies that the Republicans are going to raise this year through Super PACs and how unfair and undemocratic it is going to be. Ironic isn’t it, that it is the president who decided to forgo governing and focus only on fund raising when the Republicans took back the house in late 2010, whose administration has boasted that they hope to raise 1 billion dollars this election cycle. NOW they are complaining that someone might raise as much, if not more than them…it’s just not fair! But their hypocrisy goes much deeper. These are the same people who in 2008 forewent public campaign financing, whose ENTIRE purpose is LIMITING the INFLUENCE of special interests and equalizing the monies that both sides get in the political process, and in doing, possibly even put the nail in the coffin of public campaign finance, when they suddenly realized they could raise a lot more money without it adhering to its limitations. In the 2008 campaign, I believe Barack Obama outspent John McCain something like 3-1! NOW the Progressives are railing against the evils of special interests, again. Apparently this complaint suits them, for the moment. I don’t take issue with “special interests”, that is really you and me in the end. But in the end, it would seem that you reap what you sow.

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