[3-12-12] “Justice Dept opposes Texas voter ID law”


Seriously, you need a photo ID to get a library card…is it really beyond the pale to ask that if you want to participate in our great democracy that you show one of a half-dozen different kinds of photo ID once every two or four years? Do you really believe that this is as complicated as the “progressives” want us to think? Progress my butt. It sure says a lot about the base of the Democratic Party if their primary concern is having a bunch of people vote, who may or may not be citizens of this country. That, or apparently their core demographic is a bunch of people who tend to forget that there is a little thing called a presidential election that occurs once every four years and who bumble into the voting booth unprepared…because we all know four years isn’t enough warning for people to prepare for this civic duty, this privilege. Well, it’s not like Texas is going Democrat anyway in the near future.

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