[3-6-12] “Women on birth-control have higher incomes, study finds”


They really needed a study to find this out? One might think it should be obvious that the regular use of birth control by many women, which prevents impregnation, is a byproduct of an established priority which in many cases is that of having a career over that of having lots of kids, because children can actually take up quite a bit of a persons time and effort, impeding some career paths. Go figure! Amazing stuff, huh?

Well, of course it’s obvious, but the reason the left has to point it out anyway is because it fits their “get with the program, you backward conservative troglodyte” theme…you know, the thinking by leftists that conservatives don’t believe in science and progress and so forth. This is the same leftist thinking that labels people as weirdo’s who have a bunch of kids because to their mind it is reckless and inexcusable since of course human beings are a plague to mother earth as it is, even though they might not usually say such things, out loud at least. This may be a minority thought process, but these are the activists who constantly write this sort of stupid article.

This story actually posits the question, “Another reason, maybe, for why women should have birth control covered by their insurance?”, as to why insurance companies should be mandated to cover birth control. Such a question of course presupposes that women who aren’t taking it are doing so because either they 1) don’t have access to it, or 2) can’t afford it, both of which are not true in the vast majority of cases. Yet the question was posited despite, or to spite I should say. “Get with the program and stop having so many babies you neanderthals. Join the club of sophistication. Besides…you’ll make more money” is closer to the real point of the story.

Such a reaction by me may seem like an overreaction, but you have to read between the lines with these ridiculous stories as to why a ridiculous story would be allowed to be put out, and what it is they actually trying to say. In this case, these are simply people who advocate birth-control; Not its legality. because no one is contesting its legality. They are people who can’t mind their own business and are actually trying to induce other people to use birth-control more often. There’s no better way to accomplish that goal than by making free birth control a government mandate. Of course nothing is free. We just give money to our government so they can give it back to us in the form they deem most appropriate…if you actually think the matter through.

As to the actual substance of the policy at hand. If a private insurance company wants to cover birth control in its policy great for them, I don’t care! I do care when the government mandates that all insurance companies everywhere are required to dole out birth control, and at that without a co-pay. This in effect means that I have to pay for the pill as a taxpayer. Yea me! But what if I don’t want to pay for the pill for someone else? Does that really make me the heartless woman-hating whore that the left says I am, or am I simply someone who thinks the government has overstepped its authority here?

By the way, has it even crossed any of these statists minds that this doesn’t fall under the auspices of insurance in the first place? Insurance is for things are are unexpected. Hello?! And on top of all of that, the government now has the power to force religious institutions who don’t believe in practicing certain forms of contraception to offer an insurance policy which conflicts with their beliefs? All this and the media wants us to believe that its the conservatives who are on their heels with these issues? Well, only if they create a false reality first would conservatives be on their heels,which is exactly what the Progressives are doing, and why they are a flat out danger to liberty and freedom. This is the same media mind you that produced this genius, breathtaking, and insightful story by the way.

Here were some of the comments that people made at the end of this article concerning this particular story: “Do you think maybe the women on the pill didn’t have children and continued to work whereas the women not on the pill had children and left the workforce for a number of years?” / “New poll data shows that when one spouse snores, the other spouse gets less sleep.” / “Not having kids = more money, what a revelation!” / “If we all stay on birth control until 50,,,,,,if that’s even needed………then OF COURSE our incomes are higher you idiots…………no kids……you focus on your job/career…..most likely you will earn more in general…..kids take time, effort, money and devotion.” / “Because they dont have kids, they can spend all their time at work What idiot wrote this story?” / “This is about the dumbest article Yahoo ever listed and that’s quite a feat.”

The list went on and on and on and I can honestly say there wasn’t a single person in the few dozen comments who didn’t think this story was downright stupid. Not one. Yet a professional news organization deemed it a good story to run because it passed one single test: They thought it might somehow in some way advance the progressive cause of the day. Just take the pill and watch your career skyrocket! This is what passes for journalism today.

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