[3-3-12] The Protester: Comparing the Tea Party and the Occupy Movements

Could there really be a more stark contrast than the Tea Party and the Occupy Movements? Now I understand that these warring factions are not indicative of a majority of people on either the right or the left, but I do still think it is worth noting HOW these two opposing factions have acted in the public square.

There were more than a few Tea Party events I can remember where literally tens of thousands of people gathered, and the one single worst incident I can recall happening is an unsubstantiated allegation that racial slurs were hurled at a member of congress (in the mind of the media cementing what they already of course seemed to know about these people). I can’t recall an arrest during all the Tea Party rallies. I mean, I would think some arrests probably happened considering the sheer number of people involved in these rallies, but I really can’t recall one that made headlines, can you? There was even a noted incident of reporters being amazed at how these people cleaned up after themselves when their rally’s were over.

Contrast these corny old squares, dressing up as revolutionary era patriots and waving American flags with the Occupy Movement. I DO recall Occupy protesters being arrested BY THE THOUSANDS, 700 in one day alone in New York on October 1, 2011. I CAN recall Occupy protesters defecating on police cars (there are in fact pictures on the internet if you’re feeling up for it), incidents of rape, widespread drug abuse, and rioting to name just a few, though you may not have actually known about these events if you only read the Times or watch only MSNBC. I did some research today, and  on the “occupywallst.org” website, as of today, there is a section on the that says, “The only solution is world revolution”. Innocent enough I guess. There’s even a a “#howto” section that when clicked on takes you to more tabs such as, “revolution” and “building a new world”. Huh? I think there’s more to this movement than the progressives are trying to convince us of. Despite all these incidents, because of their deficiency in grassroots enthusiasm, the Occupy movement has drawn acclimation from democrats and even the President himself.

To these individuals the end justifies the means, which is an inherent doctrine of the collectivist objectives the occupiers are pursuing. This means breaking a few eggs in order to make an omelet. It is a Marxist tenant that the “ruling class”, you know, “the 1%”, will never willingly let go of its power and that you need a VIOLENT revolution to overthrow their power. This is Marxism 101, and it happens to coincide with the professed beliefs of the Occupiers.

I wonder how the media would have covered the Tea Party if even 1/3 of these incidents happened or such rhetoric were used? I don’t really wonder, that was sort of a rhetorical question. My point in all this is simple. You can be on the left and you can be on the right and not like what the other side believes in and stands for, but to go back to my opening statement and just look at HOW the two sides have acted in their pursuits.

For those of us who at least TRY not to follow a model where anything can be done if we think the end might justify the means, a model that in the end is a denial of all morals in pursuit of certain outcomes, a model that is really just self-defeating in a civil-society, the actions of the Occupy Movement are very troubling. Civility and temperateness are byproducts of a larger morality which is lacking in much of our society today, and these virtues don’t play well with collectivist societies, which can only be produced when the ends justify the means.  The sooner people learn this the better.

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