[2-29-12] “Battered Romney limps toward GOP nomination with two wins”


If Mitt Romney is getting this much criticism for winning both Arizona and Michigan on Tuesday, can you imagine the criticism if he would have lost Michigan? Not surprisingly, the “operation-chaos-like” mentality that the liberal media is pushing this election cycle is becoming pretty apparent. The attempt of course is to sow discontent among conservative voters, show them why Romney just will never be able to rally a diverse base behind his candidacy, and depress conservative turnout. Here’s where they will fall short in that goal: I have never been crazy about Romney, and that’s an understatement, however, I would vote for Elmer Fudd if he happened to be the nominee chosen to run against President Obama…and so will most of the conservative base. Mitt is well on his way to being the Republican nominee, but surprise surprise, the media isn’t content with that. Go figure! I think conservatives are poised for a win this November, but who knows, a whole lot can happen between now and then.

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