[2-20-12] “NARAL Launches $250,000 Radio Ad Applauding Obama Mandate”

We want to make sure women know about this health-care win and let Congress know women want their birth control covered without a copay.” Nancy Keenan, NARAL President.


Since when is getting birth control covered without a copay more important than freedom of religion, seriously? This Obama mandate tells religious institutions who do not believe in practicing certain forms of contraception that they have to offer their employees a product that is against their religion! No spin, that’s the unfortunate truth. Despite what you might hear on TV, no one wants to make contraception illegal. I think the revelation of this provision of the new healthcare law has done the current administration irreparable harm with quite a few voters, despite the medias spin, but I suppose I can’t say that with any certainty until November 6th. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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